This piece was commissioned for the Fjord Oslo Festival in 2021.

    The expression “Transnature” refers to the idea of a future in which natural environments are artificially created, modified, and improved by humans.

    Humans have looked at nature for answers to problems throughout our existence. In an era where our relationship with nature is less common, we have begun to realize that our current mode of living is unsustainable and that we depend on the health of natural ecosystems and the planet to survive.

    Human beings have been always improving new forms of design for their advantage and also to reinforce their connection to nature. Biomimicry, for example, is the conscious emulation of natural forms, patterns, and processes to solve technological challenges.

    In this piece, we want to show the idea of the mimesis between architecture and an artificially created nature and how it can create a new vision in which the two elements coexist creating new and different realities.



    Location: Nobel Peace Center (Oslo)

    Year: 2021

    Concept, Art Direction, Design, and Animation: Hotaru Visual Guerrilla

    Audio: Martin Stavrev (The Science)

    Production: Fjord Studio (Anastasia Isachsen, Frank Isachsen)

    Technical Director: Martin Mathisen

    Laser Scanning: Anko