Artificial Nature

  • Title: Artificial Nature

This is «Artificial Nature» the piece we created for the KLF festival in Ukraine. The piece it’s been the 2nd Prize winner. This piece was also adapted to be presented at the first Chonqing light festival in China and obtained the Bronze award.

Today the human being lives in a constant evaluation of his surroundings. Technology is already essential in our modus vivendi and on the contrary, the direct experience with nature is just a representation created artificially. Many computational patterns perfectly simulate the patterns we can find in nature, and visually they can even lead us to them.

Nowadays, several scientific studies show us that there is a possibility that creatures and synthetic enzymes created by humans can coexist with nature and also be able to save environmental problems.
The project wants to reflect a nature designed by the human being, through a non-linear narrative, it is intended to show the sensation of a natural world created artificially to the spectator.

In this case for the audio, we have used generative music-making techniques among others.

  • Title: Artificial Nature