Some months ago, we had the privilege of showcasing our projection mapping A/V piece called «Biotechture» at the Vivid Sydney Festival, which is among the biggest festivals in Australia with over 3 million attendees.


    Nature has always been a source of limitless inspiration to human beings. Throughout history, many architects have used nature as inspiration to create speculative sketches that combine organic forms with functional logic. In organic architecture, human life, nature, and the built environment exist on the same level. As a result, a sustainable ecosystem is created where all components support each other and thrive.

    Currently, the use of living materials in architecture is a reality and a rapidly expanding field of scientific research. This piece presents the hybridization between the structure of architecture and organic elements, where the two worlds coexist symbiotically.


    Location: ASN Clocktower, The Rocks Sydney (Australia)

    Year: 2023

    Concept, Art Direction, Design, and Animation: Hotaru Visual Guerrilla

    Audio: Martin Stavrev (The Science)

    Production: Melanie Horkan (Vivid Sydney)

    Technical directors: Alex Rendell, Tony Fahy

    Footage courtesy of Destination NSW

    More information here