«Basalore» means wildflower in the Basque language. Wildflowers provide many benefits to the world around us and they are also critical habitats for pollinators, insects, and wildlife, which is important for ecosystem function and pollination.

    Nature has captivated and inspired human beings for thousands of years. Also, humans have looked at nature for answers to problems throughout their existence.

    At present days, the impact of human beings is becoming more and more prominent in the natural world, and many species are affected by human influence. Several studies demonstrate that many species alter their appearance and behavior due to human impact. This series is a visual metaphor that reimagines the flora of the future questioning how nature will evolve to adapt and coexist with the technological developments of the future.

    The pieces were presented through the Jason Sveinn gallery at the Art Central art fair on May 26-29 at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre.