This is «Anthesis» the piece we created for the Projection Mapping festival 2022 in Lille. The piece it’s been the Grand Prize winner.

    Anthesis is the botanical term that refers to the period during which a flower is fully open and functional.

    This natural process favors pollination which is an essential ecological survival function. Without pollinators, the human race and all of earth’s terrestrial ecosystems would not survive. We can say that besides adding color, texture, and biodiversity to gardens and ecosystems, flowers are botanically important structures.

    The blossoming of flowers leads us to remember the cycle of life and the importance of nature and also gives us an aesthetic spectacle of vibrant colors and shapes that we can enjoy every year.

    This composition wants to abstractly represent this process through an audiovisual aesthetic experience where architecture and organic elements coexist. With this piece, our intention is to create a hybrid reality where real physical elements coexist with an imaginary world that leads the audience to reflect on nature.